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FilebasedGroupManager(path = None) #

Bases: GroupManager

remove_group(key, save = True, notify = True) #

Removes a Group by key

Group(key, name, description = '', permissions = None, subgroups = None, default = False, removable = True, changeable = True, toggleable = True) #

add_permissions_to_group(permissions) #

Adds a list of permissions to a group

add_subgroups_to_group(subgroups) #

Adds a list of subgroups to a group

change_default(default) #

Changes the default flag of a Group

change_description(description) #

Changes the description of a group

remove_permissions_from_group(permissions) #

Removes a list of permissions from a group

remove_subgroups_from_group(subgroups) #

Removes a list of subgroups from a group